It’s just another salad spot…right? Well yeah, but not really, actually. Sweet Leaf is a community café that has all types of options, breakfast, sandwiches, warm grain bowls, shakes, smoothies, baked goods and more…but you can check out our menu. What truly defines us is our honest food, made with real ingredients, from our local farmers and partners.

In 2009, cofounders Arita and Andre Matini, local natives of Mclean, opened up Sweet Leaf just a couple miles away from their high school. At the time the idea was to open a spot that had a ton of options were everything was fresh and fast. It would offer made-to-order sandwiches, salads, breakfast, froyo, smoothies, milk shakes and more. Since neither one of them were chefs they might as well let everyone build what they wanted, salads sandwiches, smoothies, froyo. Seemed like a pretty simple idea back then, but that single idea gave them the chance to work with their family every day for over ten years, partner with chefs, farms, local business, help thousands of team members make ends meet for their families, serve a couple million lunches and the offered them the chance to impact their community